Short North Acupuncture is a center for holistic healing through Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques, located in the heart of Columbus, Ohio. 


Acupuncture as a tool for well-being.  Hope explains how “The body becomes naturally weathered and off-track and the healing principles of Chinese Medicine can help to bring the body into balance”.  It is with this simple understanding of life, that Hope draws upon ancient, natural treatments of Chinese Medicine to address a wide variety of complex issues including back and neck pain, sports related injuries, relief from insomnia, anxiety, depression and stress related illnesses.  

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Acupuncture is a valuable tool both studied and prescribed by traditional Western doctors in support of traditional treatments for cancer patients to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy, to aid with fertility treatments, in support of substance addiction and eating disorders. 


Hope also enjoys helping patients retain a youthful outlook on life both mentally and physically, by providing facial rejuvenation for wrinkles, scars and pre-mature aging skin.  

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